Important Secrets You Wouldn’t Think Attract Women

Posted on 21st December 2013 in Attracting Women
Important Secrets You Wouldn’t Think Attract Women

Important Secrets to Attract Women

There are instincts and habits you were born with as a human being, and there are several others you need to learn and master as the needs arise. Attracting women successfully is one of such acts that need to be mastered if you were not born with the natural talent of having women flying all over you with as little as a whistle.

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When it comes to flirting and getting the attention of the opposite sex, some are quite successful in them with little or no efforts while for others, all their efforts hit a brick wall. If you are one of such men that feel women don’t love men, you are dead wrong because what you lack is the skills to get their attention.

Learning the secrets to attract women will help you get the kind of woman you have always wanted to attract. Below are some of the most important secrets to attract women.

Be composed: One of the known secrets to attract women is to be composed. No woman wants a Lily-livered man for a boyfriend. When you walk, make sure your steps are slow and steady. This shows that you are in charge of your nerves. If your nerves are quite jumpy whenever you come close to the women you are attracted to, it will show in all your movements and gestures. When you fidget with objects around you or even with your fingers, you are simply presenting a weak man to your potential girlfriend and this will turn her off completely. Learn the act of talking slowly and steadily with even breaths, once the girl perceives that you are comfortable and relaxed around her, she will want to know you better and probably settle for you as her partner.

Be spacious: Taking as much space as possible, especially in a crowded room will single you out as the one who is always sure of himself and in charge of his life. Always sit back, relax and kick your legs out in front of you. Women tend to notice this territorial act subconsciously. When you take up as much space as possible, the women around will want to get to know you because you seem the most important person in that environment at that moment.

Sit back and relax: So long as you are not in a standing position, always sit in a very0224-man-and-woman-in-bed_aw-1 relaxed and comfortable posture. Drop your arms on both sides and be as relaxed and comfortable as you can possibly be. Sitting forward with your arms folded is a sign that you are not confident and wants to be as shielded from others as possible. No woman will be attracted to you if you show signs of discomfort, so always be as relaxed as you can be and you will get the attention you desire from women.

Walk straight: It is always important that you maintain a very good posture while you walk. Walking with your head down and your hands in your pockets shows that you are not easily approachable and social. Another known tactic is to walk with your head tilted a bit and your back straight. Always walk erect with your shoulders drawn back a bit and your chest out. This walking posture says a whole lot about your confidence level.

Be open: Be as open as possible. Folding your arms and crossing your legs gives the negative impression that you are closed off from others and no woman would like to be involved with you when you give them such impressions.

Master your body languages: The use of body language can close all doors to getting the right women interested in you if they are wrongly used. You must know what your gestures and facial expression mean at all times when it comes to attracting women. Make sure your body language is saying exactly what you intend to convey and not the very opposite.

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Smile guys, it’s all good!

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