6 Weird Tips On How to Attract Women With Body Language

Posted on 21st December 2013 in Attracting Women
6 Weird Tips On How to Attract Women With Body Language

Body languages are very important and those with good ones are said to have an edge over those who lack behind. There are several ways to attract a woman through the effective use of body languages. Outlined below are some of the very effective body languages that can help you get the attention of your dream woman.


Tips on How to Attract Women With Body Language:

Take up enough space:  This of all the tips to attract women with body language may sound funny, but it works. It has been noticed that women tend to fall for men who seem to be in charge in every environment. When you sit and kick your legs in front of you like you have no fears or worries, every female around will take note of your attitude in their subconscious level and get attracted to you. This doesn’t mean you have to discomfort others or take up spaces that would have accommodated several other people in the room. All it means is for you to mark your territory and give the impression that you are always in charge.

Lean back and relax:  Leaning back and relaxing shows that you are accessible and receptive. When you are out on a date with a potential girlfriend or talking to a girl for the first time, you should sit in a comfortable and relaxed position. This will send a positive message to the girl that you are quite confident and comfortable talking to her. Whether you are walking or sitting with a girl, always ensure you are sitting straight or walking straight with your head held high. This is a sign of confidence and being in charge of the situation. Women love men who are confident because it is a sign of great strength.

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Watch your voice tone: There is more than hundred tips to attract women, but only a few older-man-younger-womencould beat this since it shows how confident you are when handling issues. This may not sound to you like a part of body language, but it sure is. The tones of the voice you use when talking to a girl you have feelings for goes a long way to decide if she falls for you or not. Make sure your speeches do not come out too fast, or too slowly as this will be interpreted as signs of low confidence or being a country pumpkin. No woman will want to settle for a man who is in doubt of himself. Talk at a very regular pace so you won’t need to repeat what you said before she can comprehend it. If you are too fast, she will be embarrassed, if you are too slow, she might think you are some kind of idiot.

Act a bit indifferent: This is an important tip to attract women. This is one trick that works most of the time. Act as if you are not desperate. Acting indifferent makes you look calm and in charge of every situation which is what most women want in their man. Women want a man who can take charge at all times without making a fuss of it and being as casual as possible gives you the air of being the man in charge. But never appear too indifferent as it will get the girl wondering the kind of man that comes asking her out without showing much interest.

Be open: One of the rules you must never break when it comes to attracting women with body language is being open. You must appear open and approachable at all times. Never cross your arms while talking to the woman you want, as this will only drive her farther away from you. If you are open with your palms out, your shoulders held high and apart, you pass the message that you are cool and collected. It shows you are the man in charge of the room and the conversations.

Look into her eyes: It is important that you look into her eyes while talking to her. This will create an intimate bond between you two. Looking into her eyes will equally make her feel she can trust you. When you talk to her and look elsewhere, you are simply showing her your level of discomfort and shyness and no woman wants a man with chicken liver.

Touch her while you talk: This is because leaving a slight touch on her is a direct message that you are interested in her. This works, but you must not touch her in a way or the parts that will irritate her. You can touch her hands while you talk or tap her occasionally. Women are said to be moved by words and touches. So now that you have learned how to attract women with body language, you must try them and not be afraid to fail. 

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