Dating Tips For Shy Guys Made Easy

Posted on 21st December 2013 in Confidence
Dating Tips For Shy Guys Made Easy

To most men, meeting new women is always a challenging feat, especially for men with extreme levels of shyness. If you are one of those men who would rather run with their tails between their legs than approach a woman they are not familiar with and ask her out on a date these are sure to help. 

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Here are some dating tips for shy guys that will blow you mind!

Adopt the baby steps mechanism:  It is not a must that you become an expert in wooing and winning women instantly. This will take time, but you need to start by taking what is known as the baby steps in trying to overcome shyness with women. Talk to one or two women you have never met before whenever you go out. It isn’t a must that you interest or impress them as a great communicator. Just chat them up and get a conversation going. This will help you get more confident with interacting with women.

Beat the Fear: Someone rightfully said that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to go on in spite of the fear. Just make up your mind to be a man. Though it will not be that easy to get over your shyness completely, but you must try. Go out and meet someone new and get to know her. When you try this number of times, you will be able to manage your shyness well whenever you see a woman you are attracted to. This is the most essential tip in our guide for dating tips for shy guys!

Work on your body language: If you are in the habit of slouching while you talk, shoving your hands into your pocket, or staring at the ground, you need to pay more attention towomanvsman your body language as a way of boosting your confidence. Try putting on a good smile all through the conversation whenever you are talking to a woman you are interested in.

Make friends with extroverts: When you get yourself involved with your like, your brain will be conditioned to think that shyness is a normal thing when it comes to talking to girls. You need to mix up with people who are confident whenever they are talking to new girls. Their confidence will rub off on you and challenge you to come out of your shells. When you go out with people who are good at socializing with women, you will get over your shyness in a short time.

Be decisive: Whenever you make up your mind to ask a certain girl out, remain committed to that decision till you do it. Pay no attention to how your heart skips and hammers at your ribs whenever the thought enters you. Just do it anyway. All you need is to manage the tension rather than running away. Even if she is not responding positively, hold on to your confident pose and carry out the conversation to a conclusive end. Never leave it halfway and dash off like a squirrel because you may never get another chance with her.

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Do what gets you excited: Every man has one sport or the other that triggers the happy part of him. If it is football, make sure you join your friends and watch the most important games. If it is school baseball or basketball, make sure you are always there to cheer your favorite team. You never can tell which pretty girl is watching your excitement with interest. Shyness drops the moment you are excited about anything, such periods are great times to walk up to a girl and ask her out in that excited mood. This will probably rub off on her and you must pick it up from there once she has shown genuine interest.

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