How To Get A Girlfriend In High School Made Easy

Posted on 21st December 2013 in Get a Girlfriend
How To Get A Girlfriend In High School Made Easy

Learning how to get a girlfriend in high school is not as easy as it will be when you get to college. This is because girls in high school are still inexperienced and quite cautious. They are extremely careful when it comes to dating in order not to make the wrong choices. But there are several tips that can help you get not just any kind of girlfriend, but a great one at that. Here is some tips to help you find the girl of your dreams.

6 Essential Tips Showing You How To Get A Girlfriend In High School


Make the move: To some people, especially during high school days, walking up to a girl and expressing their feelings can be one of the hardest jobs in the world. But it is important that you get your jumbled nerves under control. Never let your nerves show in loud gulps, broken sentences, stammers, or sweating.

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To have a chance you need all the confidence you can muster. Start a conversation on aSmooker very plain and friendly note. Talk about something relevant to school, though she knows where the conversation is heading, but at least act as if you are just trying to be friendly. Don’t start by flattering her or quoting some poetic love lines. Let her know you are interested in her academic progress by making mention of her class or some courses she offers. Make sure you know what to say at every point during the conversation as you won’t want to bore her by showing how awkward you can be when it comes to conversing effectively.

Try some compliments: Another step is to try some compliments. Once you have gotten the conversation off on the right foot, try to compliment her looks. Tell her how great her eyes, lips or hair look. Compliment her beautiful dress, shoes or earrings, but never make mention of sensitive feminine body parts such as her buts or boobs as this will amount to shooting yourself in the foot right from the start.

Don’t push too hard: Remember you are still trying to get acquainted with her, so never make the mistake of asking too many questions about her or trying to keep the conversation going for too long. Keep it as light and simple as possible. Five minutes will be just fine to get it over with and let her continue on her journey. You can always tell by the glint in her eyes and the smile playing around her lips whether she enjoyed the conversation or not, you can ask for her phone number in a very simple and casual way. Don’t be pushy, if she refuses, let her go and leave it for another day.

Talk to her around school: One conversation is never enough to get her attracted to you. You may not have made a good first impression on her, so it is important that you talk to her as often as possible till she lets off her guard. Show interest in her studies by asking how she is faring, if she is part of a sports group in school; show her how much you care by being present during their competitions to cheer her. Tell her funny and interesting stories whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Talk about yourself: It is not all about knowing the girl, you should tell her the most interesting things about yourself as well. Don’t brag; just tell her your interests in sports music and all other non-academic activities. Chances are that she might find out you two share one or two interests in common, and this will be to your advantage.

Pay attention on your hygiene and fashion: Girls love neat guys and would love to be with them. So taking care of yourself will guarantee you a place in the girl’s heart. Do your manicure and pedicure regularly. Make sure your hair is always well barbed and brushed. Pay attention to your oral hygiene; nothing pisses a girl off than a mouth odor. Use cool deodorants and perfumes. Make sure your clothes and shoes are always in their best conditions. These are the simple things she observes while you interact with her and they will be sure to help you learn how to get a girlfriend in high school.

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