Useful Guide On How To Understand Women

Posted on 18th December 2013 in Understanding Women
Useful Guide On How To Understand Women

While the females may not be stronger, they certainly are deadlier than the males. Never forget if your girlfriend is backed into a corner, or has even just made up her mind she wants out, or something different, she will out plan and out think anything you can come up with, and will always be at the very least one step ahead.

Learning how to understand women is not easy, but doable. These 4 insights will help!

# 1 – Females have dual personalities 

 As a boy grows up and becomes a man, his personality develops into his final character. You can tell within moments of meeting him whether he is a gentleman or a lout, whether he is kind or cruel, honest or dishonest, weak or strong, friendly or aloof. But, this is not the case with a woman. To say women have dual personality is not strictly true, it’s not even a true split personality, it is more a divided personality.

As a girl’s personality develops into a woman, she will develop good and bad traits, just like we do, or “nice” and “nasty” if you prefer! However unlike a man, she will very carefully and quite unconsciously sort them into two different categories. For easy understanding let’s call them drawers.

Into the nasty drawer go all the viciousness, depict, cruelty, selfishness, anger and the unerring ability to detect areas of emotional weakness. In the good drawer goes kindness, femininity, shyness, politeness, thoughtfulness etc. She will never open both drawers at once. Unlike with a man you will never see it all at once.

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# 2 – Men are physical, women are emotional. Or are they?ambitiously-thinking-man-skeptically-observed-by-woman

Hang on guys; this is the one I have been dying to tell you about, the “super myth”. As we all know men are physical beings ruled by physical feelings and women are emotional beings ruled by emotional feelings. How do we know it? Well we have been told about it, we have had it drummed into us for hundreds of years haven’t we – and now we believe it don’t we? And why do we believe it? Because we have been brainwashed – we have heard it so many times that we have started to believe that it must be true.

 It’s the biggest con ever pulled on us guys in the history of mankind! Men are far more emotional than women, and women are far more physically ruled than men.

# 3 – Perception of the truth (rationalization)

Women do not like being thought of as liars, even better for us guys, they don’t even like the thought that they are liars even if no one other than themselves know, it’s a self-image thing. They like to believe that they have no real faults so they can feel really good about themselves, and being a liar does not fit that image.

That’s the good news; however, there is bad news. A woman’s idea of the truth and a guy’s are a little different, and that’s being kind about it! Women are masters of rationalization, no, let me correct that statement, they have made rationalization into an “Art Form”. Their thinking is, just because you came away from a conversation with totally the wrong impression, is not their fault, they did not lie to you, you did not ask the right questions.

# 4 – Time and space

 It is a sad fact of life that at some point almost every guy will hear the words, “I think I need some time and space on my own, just for a short time, to sort my feelings out”. Well this is the big one. She does want some time without you, (true), she does want to sort her feelings out (true), she wants to be on her own, 100% NOT TRUE. There is another guy around, and he has already made home base! What she is considering is whether he is a better bet for long term than you and she wants some time with him, to find out. However, she has no intention whatsoever of burning her bridges with you until she is certain that he is the best prospect.

Remember guys, if someone treats you badly and really hurts you don’t waste years of your life grieving for something that never in reality existed. If they had been the person you thought they were they would be with you now. Don’t live on memories of what never actually existed except in your mind. Go out and find something that exists in reality. Now you have some real knowledge about how to understand women, get out there and try to catch the girl of your dreams!

If you have given up on understanding women, laugh a little!

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