Reading A Woman’s Body Language Isn’t Easy, Or Is it?

Posted on 21st December 2013 in Attracting Women, Understanding Women
Reading A Woman’s Body Language Isn’t Easy, Or Is it?

Most times, men find it difficult to tell whether a girl is interested in them or not. Women are known to be naturally subtle when it comes to making the first move, but there are several signs to look out for in the woman you are flirting with to know if she is interested or not. Outlined below are some of the major body languages through which women convey their feelings and interests in members of the opposite sex.

These 10 Tips  will certainly help you identify key facts about a woman’s body language.

1 - Whispering or leaning on you to talk:  This is one of the easiest signs to spot in a woman who wants to be more than just a friend to you. It shows her desire to be close to you, whispering or talking to you gives her an opportunity to stay close to you. If she is in the habit of leaning on you to talk, it shows she is very much interested in getting involved with you.

2 – Turning towards you whenever she hears your voice: In all the woman’s body languages, this act is quite self-explanatory as it can mean no other thing than the fact that she is so much interested in you. If she turns part of her body towards you at the sound of your voice, it shows she likes to hear you talk and it is a good sign she will like to be more than just a friend.

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3 – Regular Eye Contact: If she develops intimate feelings and affections for you, she would probable find it difficult to quit staring at you. Most times, she will look at you without knowing she is staring in an embarrassing manner. This is a good sign to show that she is interested in you.

4 – Big smiles and Laughter: One major sign to look for in a woman’s body language is if she is in the habit of smiling at you whenever she sees you or laughs at every little joke you tell. If she does this, it is a big sign she is so interested in you. Though it could be that she is naturally pleased with life and herself at all times, so always look out for other signs.

5 – Frequent Touches: Another major sign is frequent touches. If she touches you at every given opportunity, she is simply trying to convey a message about her feelings towards you. If she likes you, she will always find a reason to brush something off your shirt.

6 – Biting her lips when she is with you: If she forms the habit of biting her lips whenever she is close to you; it is a sign that she likes you and wants to be more than a friend. If she is not the nervous type, biting her lips can only be a sign of interest in you. But you still have to look out for other flirting with woman

7 – Touching herself: If she strokes her hair or touches her face while sitting close to you, she is simply trying to attract your attention and show how she feels about you.

8 -Grooming herself: Grooming herself whenever she is with you is another sign to look for. If she is in the habit of straightening her hair or skirt unconsciously, it is a big sign she is attracted to you.

9 – Fidgeting with objects: It is a positive sign if she is always nervous whenever you are around. If she is nervous, she will try to forget the fact that she is nervous in your presence by playing with any available objects.

10 – Drawing your attention with gestures: One other major sign is the gestures she makes whenever you are around her. If she lifts her hands to make her breasts more pronounced, she is simply trying to get your attention. If she rubs her legs, she is simply showing off her finely shaped thighs to get your attention.

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There are several other signs to look for in a woman’s body language, but these aforementioned signs are the major signs that tell you if she wants you or not. Women are quite subtle, so you must pay very close attention to be able to notice these signs.

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